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In a vehicle accident in 2020, Cougar became an orphan. He now stays in the “ideal” California house

Panther cub On Christmas Eve in 2020, Nicholas and his mother were crossing a toll road when they were hit by a car.

According to a March 3 news release from Lions Tigers & Bears, Nicholas was critically hurt in the accident while his mother died at the scene in Orange County. The crash made him incapable.

Bobbi Brink, the director and founder of Lions Tigers & Bears, said McClatchy News over the phone that Nicholas finally found a house at a feline sanctuary in Rosamond after undergoing months of reconstructive procedures. But now that house is declaring bankruptcy and closing.

Brink claimed she received a concerned phone call from the center regarding the only remaining cat on the site.

Brink claimed that she traveled to Northern California with her crew to relocate the 3-year-old cougar.

Brink claimed that despite blizzards and road restrictions, they arrived just in period for the property’s closure and delivered him to his new residence in San Diego.

Nicholas is presently being held in isolation at the sanctuary because “he’s very, very, very terrified. And anxious,” Brink stated.

Before undergoing any inspections, the sanctuary is attempting to make Nicholas comfortable, according to Brink.

We’re simply trying to move around him slowly and calmly, letting him get familiar with his new environment in the hopes that he would grow less fearful, Brink added.

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