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Illinois Snapchat Users can get a Check Worth $117 from Data Privacy Lawsuit, To Apply- Deadline is Saturday

Snapchat would pay you money, if you are a user, doesn’t matter if you haven’t used it for months or years. To get the money it must be important to register and sign up on Snapchat by the user. It’s not compulsory to check the app multiple times a day or in a month. Snapchat (a social media app) and its parent company are set to give money and pay $35 million to current Snapchat users and residents of Illinois state. In accusation to save their info and facial recognition data without their permission and consent.

If you ever lived in Illinois state, for a minimum of 6 months or more, then, you must be eligible for getting a payment or check between $58 to $117. But users will be only eligible if they ever used lenses and filters provided by Snapchat. This saying is stated by the Chicago Tribune.

How can Illinois Users Apply to Claim?

Users can apply by 5 November, Saturday, to get the benefits and their rewards from the data privacy lawsuit. Illinois users can apply on the official website-

But there are two rules before you apply: a user must provide their Snapchat username and mention at least one address or location of Illinois state, where they ever lived. The final approval and hearing will be announced on 17 November, regarding users’ money.

The Data Privacy Lawsuit has stated that Snapchat’s lenses and filters are scanning users’ data and faces for years. By providing the pictures with a special effect and it doesn’t notify the user that Snapchat is saving and storing their data. These actions are considered illegal under the Biometric Privacy Laws of Illinois’. 

But Snapchat doesn’t admit any of its faults and doesn’t consider it illegal. And said that the info and data Snapchat saves can’t recognize or identify a particular individual. It stays in the user’s phone only and never shares the data with the company’s server. During the past 14 months in Illinois; Facebook, TikTok, Google, etc. have also settled and faced similar types of cases. 

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