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If Inquiry Reveals Santos Broke the Law, McCarthy Claims: He will be Dismissed from Congress

Rep. George Santos (R-NY), who is under investigation, will lose his seat in Congress, according to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Nowadays, the House Ethics Committee is looking into Santos. A number of the freshman congressman’s lies regarding his background and career were exposed, leading to the inquiry. Santos is presently the subject of numerous federal and state investigations about the Ethics Committee inquiry.

Similar to many other House Republicans, McCarthy has largely defended Santos, and criticized certain offenses but remained nothing about his overall character. McCarthy may have gotten the closest to openly criticizing Santos in his statements on Tuesday.

McCarthy reportedly warned reporters outside his Capitol office: “We will dismiss him if for some reason when we go via Ethics, it turns out that he has violated the law.”

He then defended the New York Republican after making the remarks.

“Do you understand why I’m supporting him? Because his supporters supported him, “added he. “I do not have the authority to remove someone from elected office just because I disagree with what they have stated.”

Regarding Santos’s resume, McCarthy admitted the previous week that he had “always had a few questions.”

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