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How to Get a Mortgage While Receiving SSI, SSDI, or Other Disability Benefits

To be eligible for a mortgage when buying a property, you must fulfill your bank’s requirements. Usually, just a few factors; credit, income, debts, and down payment determine how much you can borrow.

Lenders will take many factors into account when calculating how much money you’ll use to pay your mortgage each month, such as child support payments, public assistance income, and even, disability benefits.

How to get a mortgage when you have disability income

You will go through the same method as any other lender when using disability income to get a mortgage. The lender will consider your credit history, debts, assets, and all of your provided sources of income.

You must produce verification that you are currently receiving benefits and that those benefits are not due to expire within the next 3 years to demonstrate proof of disability income. The supporting documents you submit must also include information about the amount and regularity of your benefits payments.

The following examples of acceptable disability income documentation are:

  • SSA-1099 form
  • VA disability award letter
  • Social Security Administration award letter
  • Copy of your disability insurance policy
  • Additional proof that you currently receive benefits

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