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How To Claim Your Tax Refunds Within 21 Days? Here’s What IRS Says

Tax refund
Get your tax refund within 21 days. (Photo: MARCA)

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) advised some easy steps for taxpayers in the country to claim their tax refunds within 21 days.

Tax refund

Get your tax refund within 21 days. (Photo: MARCA)

Claim Your Tax Refunds Within 21 Days

The Internal Revenue Service has already announced that next week will be the tax season. Beginning Monday, the agency expects that millions of Americans across the country will file their income taxes either personally or electronically.

According to a published report in Yahoo News, filers can claim their tax refunds within 21 days if they filed electronically and there are no errors or changes in their information. CPA Practice Advisor, a publication for tax pros, which each year publishes a refund timeline also said that the average number of days is 21 to receive the refund.

However, the publication also added that the refund could take longer during the peak season which is April. It is the reason why they suggest to file income tax as soon as possible. They also clarified that Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit can’t be issued until mid-February by law.

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How To Avoid Delays of Refund?

The IRS said that filing electronically and using direct deposits will help to avoid delays. They also added that even though there are some changes already in the agency, but filing through paper could take time before they will receive their refunds.

Furthermore, it is also important to note that either you are filing online or with a tax professional, you need to prepare all the documents needed and make sure that there are no errors and changes in your personal information to process your refund quickly.

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