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How much is Comedy Central’s net worth

How much is Comedy Central's net worth

Comedy Central is an established YouTube channel specializing in Comedy, with 11.1 million followers. The American-based Comedy Central YouTube channel was established in 2006. So, you might wonder: How much money does Comedy Central make? And what is Comedy Central’s revenue? Regarding earnings, the YouTuber keeps a low profile. 

But we can make a reasonable prophecy. Although Comedy Central’s actual net worth is unknown, calculates that it is probable to be in the $8.79 million average. However, that amount only makes use of one marketing source. The value of Comedy Central’s strengths may exceed $8.79 million. Comedy Central may be worth more than $12.3 million with these additional revenue streams.

Viacom buys all of Comedy Central

Viacom buys all of Comedy Central

For a total of $1.225 billion, AOL Time Warner Inc. has sold Viacom Inc. its 50% stake in Comedy Central, the cable network’s second owner. The central cable channel package of MTV Networks will include Comedy Central. The purchase of Comedy Central is the media company’s first notable transaction in its effort to raise money by selling off strong suit to pay off its more than $26 billion in debt. The channel’s website,, is also comprised of the sale.

AOL also has professional sports clubs in Atlanta that it’s thinking about selling. Later this year, it plans to spin off its Time Warner Cable division to raise revenue.

What is not changed after Viacom acquired Comedy Central?

What is not changed after Viacom acquired Comedy Central

According to Mel Karmazin, chairman, and chief executive officer of Viacom, the acquisition will benefit Comedy Central cos of “Viacom’s proven success” in running cable networks that target younger audiences. With shows like “South Park,” “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” and “Crank Yankers,” Comedy Central has had success recently.

According to a statement from Viacom, Comedy Central will continue to have workstations in New York and Los Angeles, and Larry Divney will continue to serve as its president. The CEO of MTV Networks, Tom Freston, remarked, “We like Comedy Central and are happy to welcome Larry Divney and his staff into MTV Networks.” Comedy Central will have a fantastic future with them since they have established a notable operation.

Estimated Comedy Central Net Worth 

Estimated Comedy Central Net Worth 

Fans of Comedy Central often investigate the network’s income. Every month, the average number of views on Comedy Central’s YouTube channel is 36.61 million, with 1.22 million daily views. Monetized YouTube channels make money through serving. Per a thousand video views, YouTube channels can earn anything from $3 to $7. 

If Comedy Central falls in this range, it is calculated to make $146.45k per month or $2.2m annually. However, our guess may be too low. On the top end, Comedy Central may earn as much as $3.95 million annually. 

Who is the actual owner of Comedy Central?

Who is the actual owner of Comedy Central 

Trevor Noah is one of the world’s highest-paid comedians, a Grammy host, an Emmy winner, and arguably one of the busiest people in Hollywood. The comedian Trevor Noah is thought to be reportedly worth $100 million. How does the South African comic get all of his wealth?

Comedy Central disclosed in 2015 that Noah would take over as host of The Daily Show from US television mainstay Jon Stewart. Noah’s first compensation ranged from US$5 million to US$8 million. It was a risk for the network. (Stewart reportedly made around US$25 million.) However, his deal was renegotiated in 2017 due to the show’s record-breaking ratings with Noah at the helm. He presently reportedly makes US$16 million per year in pay.

How did comedy central Noah “born a crime” make seven figures? 

How did comedy central Noah born a crime make seven figures 

Born a Crime, Noah’s best-selling memoir was published in 2016 and instantly attracted the attention of movie producers. He get a contract with Paramount Players, and Patricia, his mother, was portrayed by actress Lupita Nyong’o. It was said that the book was a seven-figure transaction on its own. The memoir details Noah’s experiences growing up in apartheid-era South Africa, where his mother is black, and his father is Swiss-German. Under earlier legislation that prohibited unions between people of different races, his parents’ courtship was considered a crime.

After agreeing to a contract with Netflix to screen his Comedy special Afraid of the Dark, Noah’s income increased. To support its entertainment initiatives, the streaming platform went on a comedic buying frenzy, and performers could receive between US$10 million and US$20 million for the licenses to their programs.