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House Republicans Plan to Stop Funding the Internal Revenue Service and Switch to National Sales Tax

Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy was finally elected Speaker of the House after several vote rounds, debates, and drama-filled days. He had the IRS weakened as his priority.

The newly passed Inflation Reduction Act’s IRS spending increases would be canceled under a measure passed by House Republicans (IRA). Additionally, they will vote on a bill that would eliminate the IRS, repeal all income taxes, and substitute a national sales tax for them.

The Democratic-controlled Senate and the White House both reject both legislations, it is a guarantee that they won’t pass into law.

To address some persistent criticisms of the IRS, the IRA would supply the IRS with an extra $80 billion. The agency’s infrastructure would be updated and improved to increase efficiency. To speed up service and lower the likelihood of lengthy hold times, more customer care representatives would be hired. However, it might be years before the results are noticed because new staff would require massive training before they could help taxpayers in a useful way.

Last but not least, some of the money would go to paying law enforcement officials. This involves special agents for criminal investigations, auditors, collection agents, investigators, and attorneys. The wealthiest must pay their fair share of taxes, according to Democrats, to close the tax gap. Republicans, too, claim that 87,000 additional agents who will harass small businesses will be hired with the funds.

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