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Why Hillary Clinton Spied on Donald Trump on His 2016 Campaign?


Hillary Clinton encouraged unverified claims that Donald Trump collaborated with the Russians, according to newly discovered tweets from the 2016 presidential campaign.

After a stunning allegation by special counsel John Durham that Clinton’s team sought to spy on Trump’s White House servers in an attempt to link him to Russia, the tweets reappeared on Sunday. Clinton promoted the story that Trump was surreptitiously engaging with Russians via the country’s Alfa Bank while running for president, Daily Mail reported.

Trump: Clinton’s Spying Should Have Been Punished with Death

Clinton’s camp, according to Republican Representative Jim Jordan, was the one who reportedly spied on Trump’s servers. In a statement released on Sunday, former President Donald Trump compared the alleged spying to the notorious Watergate incident that brought Richard Nixon down.

After Durham issued a court filing describing the alleged hack, Trump released a blistering barrage on Saturday, suggesting that Team Clinton’s actions would have previously deserved death.

Indirectly, the Clinton campaign hired Christopher Steele to dig up dirt, which he did by enlisting the help of other Clinton strategists and inventing an “investigative” document out of every ridiculous Trump rumor he could discover.

He turned it over to the FBI, which couldn’t corroborate his sources or any of his claims, but the probe was dragged out for as long as it could to place the incoming president in the spotlight. Steele found eager partners in the media to peddle his narrative in the meanwhile.

That was merely a tale dreamed up by tech executive Rodney Joffe, who badly sought a job in the Clinton administration, according to special counsel John Durham’s newest charge. Then he hacked into Trump’s systems, cherry-picked the most sensitive Internet data he had access to, and made it appear suspicious.

Lawyer Michael Sussmann, who was paid by the Clinton administration and lied to investigators about it, instructed him. To convince the FBI to bite, Sussmann goes to them as a “concerned citizen” — not a “Clinton stooge.” The ultimate aim is to be able to tell the New York Times that Donald Trump is under investigation, as per The NY Post.

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