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High Rebates on New Cars are Back as Supply Level Rise! Here’s How

Should you take a rebate or 0 percent financing? It depends
Both a cash rebate and 0 percent financing can help you save money on a car purchase, but they work differently. A cash rebate is money given back to the car buyer in exchange for purchasing a vehicle, while 0 percent APR is for an auto loan that comes with no interest or fees. (Photo via

High Rebates on New Cars are Back as Supply Level Rise! As costs soared during the epidemic, car buyers have had it rough, but not everything is lost for customers seeking for a deal.

Some automakers are reintroducing high rebates on new cars  and incentives to tempt consumers when inventory levels rise, including as discounts and leasing offers.


10 auto industry predictions investors should keep an eye on this year

Wall Street and industry analysts remain on high alert for signs of a “demand destruction” scenario for the U.S. automotive industry this year as interest rates rise and consumers grapple with vehicle-affordability issues and fears of a recession. A customer looks at a vehicle at a BMW dealership in Mountain View, California, on Dec. 14, 2022.
David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images


Incentives are still at historically low levels, but shoppers can still find deals. In January, incentives climbed slightly to 2.8% of a vehicle’s average transaction – or sale – price, down from 8.6% two years prior but up from 2.7% in December, according to Kelley Blue Book.

According to Cox Automotive’s study of vAuto Available Inventory data, new-vehicle inventory grew in December, suggesting some automakers may be pushed to reinstate incentives to boost sluggish sales and reduce supply. Prices rose despite stagnant sales and an increase in supply.

According to Charlie Chesbrough, senior economist at Cox Automotive, “new-vehicle inventory increased through December, approaching what used to be deemed “normal” levels in the pre-pandemic era. “Production and supply improvements led to an increase in days of supply towards the end of December. Sales, however, scarcely changed.


For bargain hunters mulling the prospect of a new car, February’s muted deals might stew a different sort of March madness. (Photo via


By the end of December, there were 1.80 million new vehicles available on the market in the United States, up from a revised 1.62 million at the end of November. End-of-December supply was 715,000 units greater than it was at the same time the previous year. Just since September, supply has increased by 500,000 units.

Additionally, some car classifications have incentives that are higher than the industry standard.


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How do automobile incentives work?

According to Kelley Blue Book, incentives are reductions offered by automakers to consumers to encourage the purchase of new vehicles (usually on out-of-date models or slow-moving vehicles).


Where can I locate high rebates on new Cars?

Moody advised beginning their search for incentives locally before moving on to other areas.

There are frequently national incentives, but there are also various incentives — sometimes greater, sometimes less — dependent on geography, according to Moody.

Shoppers should be aware that incentives can differ depending on the brand and model.

According to Moody, brands like Acura, Alfa Romeo, Buick, and Infiniti now provide incentives that are relatively substantial.

Nonetheless, Moody advised consumers to verify their credit score before beginning their search or communicating with a dealership, particularly in light of the current increase in interest rates.

Knowing that initially will enable you to confidently negotiate, shop, and prepare since it is the main factor in many things, according to Moody.


Large Variations in Supply by Brand, Sector, Price, and Location

By brand, market sector, and geographic region, supply continued to vary greatly in December.

In the industry as of December 31, there were 1.53 million non-luxury vehicles on hand, which equated to a 57-day supply, up from 1.40 million at the end of November. A 61-day supply of luxury vehicles was available from the inventory (excluding ultra-luxury models), which was close to 270,000 units. Comparatively, a month prior, there were 244,000 automobiles available for a 57-day supply.

The lowest inventories were found in luxury and import non-luxury brands. The domestic brands with the biggest inventory include a mix of Stellantis’ brands, European luxury brands, and Nissan’s Infiniti luxury brand.


When is the best time to buy a car?

With steep inflation and record-high vehicle transaction prices — up 3.8 percent since last year according to Kelley Blue Book — understanding the best time to buy can mean money saved. While there is no perfect recipe for scoring a good deal, some times are better than others. (Photo via


What month is the least expensive to buy a car?

Typically, the end of the model year, the end of the month, and holiday weekends are the best periods to purchase a car.

According to CARFAX, December usually features the finest sales, with the highest reductions occurring on New Year’s Eve.


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