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HHS offers more money for low-income Individuals’ cooling and heating expenses

More support is on the way for individuals with low incomes who require aid with their cooling and heating expenses. “That gives our families a little breathing room, according to Lanikque Howard, director of the Office of Community Service.

According to Howard, the LIHEAP program, which provides low-income homeowners with electricity support, will get over $500 million in funding. LIHEAP lowers the cost of residential electricity for people who might be having financial difficulties, according to Howard.

The money comes on top of the $1 billion that was granted the previous month to deal with crisis relief and heating and cooling services, which will assist keep these residences energy efficient. “To lower those bills, but also to use less energy overall, Howard added. According to Howard, localities can utilize the funds to start preparing for unplanned weather conditions like hurricanes and heat waves.

During these natural crises, “to support families that could be in need,” Howard added. And over 6 million American families were assisted by LIHEAP in the previous year.

The number of requests that our award applicants are receiving from across the nation has just increased significantly, according to Howard. The increased revenues, according to Howard, won’t be sufficient to assist all the needy families. Still, the administration and congress will maintain to provide funding for the project.

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