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Here are those who may be harmed by future Social Security cutbacks

Slower financial growth is predicted to cause the Social Security initiative to dry up in around ten years, and the nation’s young retirees may become the first to experience benefit reductions.

A year sooner than planned, according to the latest discoveries from the Social Security and Medicare Trustees study, the welfare program would run out of money in 2033. The 3% reduction in the economic output and worker productivity throughout the following ten years is mainly to blame for the acceleration into collapse.

Over 66 million Americans will experience benefit reductions between roughly 23% and 25% until big adjustments are done by 2034 to strengthen the trust fund, the research showed.

According to a new estimate by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), “the joint trust funds would be bankrupt by 2034, as today’s 56-year-olds achieve the full retirement age and today’s new youngest pensioners turn 73.”

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