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Harris County Elections Should be Investigated, Announces Governor Greg Abbott


Greg Abbott is the current governor of Texas, United States. Governor Greg Abbott is calling and declaring for an investigation into the voting issues and problems in harris county on election day. ”Residents and voters in harris county are frustrated and annoyed because of the delays and confusion. And also missing keys, staffing problems, and more” stated Governor Abbott.

All the polling locations in harris county are open until 8 p.m. on election day. After the court order has filed the voting issues at the polls. In the largest of the state, which is harris county, the allegations, and claims of election failure may result in criminal conduct from malfeasance to blatant. The voters in harris county also deserve to know about the situation and what has happened. In the election process, integrity is important and necessary. And to achieve that standard and integrity, an honest investigation is essential and warranted.

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A Statement of the Harris County Democratic Party

”Most probably it’s laughable and funny that Abbott has declared for the investigation. Since last week Abbott has really sent a team to look into the matter in the harris county elections. Is Abbott’s team ineffective? Or is he investigating himself? Our important concern about this matter is, other GOP state leaders and Abbott is trying to illegalize election workers.”

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”These particular elections are run and held by volunteers, who are civically/politically engaged in this. And those also, who are active and participating in the political and election process. Following this investigation, the election workers and voters of harris county are continuously attacked under Abbott’s watch.”