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Greg Abbott Criticized “Very Cruel,” as Migrant Children are Transported by Bus to Cold DC

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Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, received a lot of anger on social media on Sunday after his latest accused migrant busing operation, which involved transporting people, including children to the brutally cold Washington, D.C., on Christmas Eve.

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To send a message to his political rivals about border security issues, Abbott, including fellow Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, created controversy over the past year with his state’s new policy of busing undocumented immigrants and legitimate asylum seekers to Democratic-run cities. With Texas’s assertion that they are being transferred to locations where they can meet up with contacts, it has come to light that the migrants have frequently been tricked and forced onto buses under mysterious circumstances.

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Another bus, filled with migrants arrived in Washington, D.C., late on Christmas Eve, close to Vice President Kamala Harris’ house. The persons on board were reported as having traveled from Texas for 2 days, according to CNN journalist Noah Gray. A severe wind chill made the 14-degree Fahrenheit temperature in D.C. that night, which was considerably below freezing, much more hazardous.

Due to this most current busing initiative taking place so close to a significant holiday, Abbott received intense internet criticism. The fact that the migrants came from Texas is known, but it hasn’t been proven that Abbott dispatched them directly, even though this has happened in the past. Abbott didn’t deserve to be in government, said Texas Democrat Julián Castro on Twitter on Sunday. Castro earlier served in former President Barack Obama’s Cabinet and ran for office himself in 2020.