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Gov. Greg Abbott Says Eligible Texans Will Receive $391 Each, Are You Eligible?

Greg Abbott
Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott announced the approval of fifth round in pandemic food benefits. (Photo: FOX)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott formally announced that eligible Texans will receive an amount of $391 each in pandemic food benefits.

Greg Abbott

Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott announced the approval of fifth round in pandemic food benefits. (Photo: FOX)

Gov. Greg Abbott Announced the Pandemic Food Benefits

The global pandemic has affected millions of Americans in the country leading to millions of families losing their jobs and could no longer being able to afford to buy their food. But, federal and local officials are doing their best the alleviate this problem.

Recently, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that eligible Texans will receive $391 each in pandemic food benefits. This is after the fifth round of Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfers through the federal government was approved and will roughly benefit 3.5 million Texans, according to an article published in COMMUNITY IMPACT.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) will still remain to oversee the program. They make sure that this program will provide benefits to families who receive free or reduced-price lunches and were impacted by school closures during the pandemic.

HHSC Released a Statement

HHSC deputy executive commissioner of Access and Eligibility Services Wayne Salter said, “We’re proud to be supporting families in Texas so they can provide food to their children. Being well-nourished allows children to focus on learning rather than where their next meal will come from.”

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Additionally, the fifth round of the pandemic food benefit will run from June 1-Aug. 30. The HHSC will distribute to roughly 3.5 million children an amount of over $1.4 billion or $391 each.

Eligibility for Pandemic Food Benefits

Students who are eligible but have never received SNAP or EBT benefits will get a notification in the mail with instructions on how to do so. Families have 90 days from the date of the notice to submit any claims for assistance.

According to the official release, those who received SNAP assistance throughout the summer will immediately start receiving P-EBT benefits on their Lone Star Cards in December. They will also get a notification informing them of the advantages, but they are not required to take any action in order to receive them.

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