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Glimpses into “Very Wretched and Desperate” Life of the Monterey Park Shooter

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Huu Can Tran appeared in the lobby of a police station 80 miles distant 2 weeks before he opened fire at a dance class in Monterey Park, California, to report some ridiculous claims.

The 72-year-old man claimed that family members had attempted to poison him in the past, according to police in Hemet, a tiny community east of Los Angeles where he stayed in a trailer park. Based on a police report of the meetings, he additionally stated to have been a victim of theft and fraud. He stated he would come with proof but never did.

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The strange visits, that he took previously this month 2 days ago, provide an insight into the disturbed mind of the shooter who opened fire on a joyful gathering at Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park on the eve of the Lunar New Year, shooting 11 people and injuring 9 more. After the shooting, Tran reportedly planned to continue his murderous rampage and went to another studio nearby, but a man there took his gun and chased him away.


As per law enforcement sources, investigators focused on Tran’s regular attendance at the 2 dance studios on Monday to better understand what led him to act violently. They also considered the possibility that he might have been motivated by jealousy or another type of personal anger.