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From Rags to Riches: How Jay-Z Built 2.5 Billion Dollars Empire and Earned Warren Buffett’s Stamp of Approval

From Rags to Riches: How Jay-Z Built 2.5 Billion Dollars Empire and Earned Warren Buffett's Stamp of Approval
Jay-Z is the stage name of Shawn Corey Carter, an American rapper, record producer, businessman, and pioneer who was born on December 4, 1969. (Photo:

Jay-Z Built 2.5 Billion and still going strong less than four years after becoming the first rapper to earn a billion dollars.

From Rags to Riches: How Jay-Z Built 2.5 Billion Dollars Empire and Earned Warren Buffett's Stamp of Approval

The most successful rapper in history had a conversation with an investor. (Photo:

The most recent estimate from Forbes places the artist, who was born in Brooklyn, Jay-Z Built 2.5 Billion net worth.

With investments in Armand de Brignac champagne, D’Usse cognac, and numerous investment properties in New York and LA, Jay-Z became the first billionaire in rap in 2019.

Thanks in part to the expansion of his entertainment company Roc Nation, the sale of the streaming service Tidal, and multiple investments in businesses like Uber, his wealth has skyrocketed in recent years. Just one year ago, Forbes estimated his net worth to be $1.4 billion.

Forbes says that Jay-Z Built 2.5 Billion and make a million of dollars from his Armand de Brignac champagne and D’Usse cognac, even in a year when he doesn’t go on tour or release an album.

He is wealthy enough to be listed as the 1,210th richest person in the world by Forbes.

Jay-Z Built 2.5 Billion compared his approach to his music business to the Oracle of Omaha’s strategy of only investing in firms he understands and avoiding what is most popular when the two met in 2010, nearly ten years before he became a billionaire.

Jay-Z once said to Forbes, “Music is like stocks, there’s the trendy thing of the moment. “People frequently base their decisions on their emotions. They stray from what they are familiar with.

The now 53-year-old began his career with the intention of making money and, in the 1990s, bucked the notion that artists shouldn’t aspire to financial success.

He claimed that was the biggest deception in music history to persuade musicians that they couldn’t support themselves as artists. “Hip-hop was ambitious from the outset. The notion that an artist cannot also consider money has always been flawed.

Buffett predicted that young people will eventually look to Jay-Z Built 2.5 Billion for advice on how to make money at the conclusion of their conversation.

Buffett stated, “Jay teaches in a classroom that is considerably bigger than I’ll ever teach. He is the one to learn from if you’re a young person growing up.


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