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Fox News is punished by the Dominion lawsuit’s judge, who also challenges the network’s attorneys’ honesty

Just before the $1.6 billion damages trial, a Delaware Superior Court judge punished Fox News and will probably order an inquiry into how the company’s attorneys restricted evidence.

Dominion attorneys alleged Fox of slow-walking papers during disclosure at a trial hearing, however, Dominion continued to receive papers days after the trial. This includes audio files from a former Fox reporter that feature Trump advisors.

If a statement has to be taken again, according to Judge Eric Davis, “it is going to be completed.” He claimed that Fox would pay the expenses as well as make the individual access.

Since it was discovered that Rupert Murdoch serves as a corporate officer for the television news network, Davis is also going to take into account extra fines against Fox News attorneys. He stated he will name a particular master to look at some of the matters raised during the earlier session.

In addition, the judge required that Fox gather all lawyer-to-lawyer contact about Murdoch’s status as a corporate officer.

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