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Fourth Stimulus Check Could Be in Line for Texan Beneficiaries

Fourth Stimulus Check Could Be in Line for Texan Beneficiaries

Several advocates and legislators have stated that, despite the stimulus check, the American Rescue Plan has failed miserably in its mission to rescue families from poverty. Since the pandemic outbreak began, these households have been struggling, leading to numerous proposals for the establishment of a recurrent and fourth stimulus plan.

Jeremy Fay, a local realtor in Central Texas, has remarked that even after two years of the crisis, most of the families he has assisted in securing a home have been barely able to keep their heads over water, despite the stimulus money. Since the government has stopped making payments, they could find themselves in serious financial problems.

Stimulus checks needed in Texas

According to Digital Market News, Fay went on to say that it was beyond a shadow of a question that the majority of the families were barely able to keep their heads above water during these trying times. As things stood, the vast majority of the families were VA and FHA customers who lived in the immediate vicinity. There were also military service members there who, with a little assistance from the realtor, might be able to qualify for housing schemes. Because of the continual rise in the price of housing, it was absolutely important to have another stimulus check payment in place, or else the vast majority of the population would be forced to live on the streets.

Members of Congress have declared that the key plan for a repeating $2,000 stimulus check payment every single month would unquestionably be in place till the pandemic was resolved. On the other hand, Professor Rob Tennant of the Texas A&M Central Texas Economics Department argued that while a fourth payment was likely doable, recurrent payments were not. He stated that the lawmakers would have a significant amount of additional money to work with, which would undoubtedly increase the rate of inflation and make it more difficult to control while also producing greater shortages at the same time.

Stimulus check-update

According to local school districts implemented various incentive programs to get teachers to return to the classroom. Fort Worth and Arlington school districts have increased the pay of district employees by 4%. In contrast, Denton has provided a $500 bonus payment, and the Irving school district has promised a $2,000 stimulus payment to teachers who returned to the classroom in September.

Rob Tennant went on to say that the Biden administration’s emphasis on infrastructure expenditure was already a key spark for economic recovery, with huge investments in projects a definite way to get people back to work. It remains to be seen whether another stimulus check payment is required.


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