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Four Dogs Are Tied And Drowned in Oklahoma City

Four Dogs Are Tied And Drowned in Oklahoma City
A worker from Oklahoma City Animal Welfare pulls the drowbed dog from a lake. (Photo: Crime Stoppers of Oklahoma City)

Four dogs have drowned since the middle of January, but police have found no clues.

Oklahoma police want the public’s help to find a person they say has been tying four dogs to bricks and letting them drown in a park lake.

The Oklahoma City Police Department wrote on its Facebook page on Wednesday, “Absolutely maddening.” “Someone has been drowning four dogs at Edwards Park in east Oklahoma City, and OKC Animal Welfare and I are looking into it.”

In a video that went with the post, Major Sergeant Jennifer Wardlow said that since the first dead dog was found on January 19, four more have been found.

Four Dogs Are Tied And Drowned in Oklahoma City

Police are looking for a person they think put four dogs to sleep in a lake in Oklahoma City. (Photo: Crime Stoppers of Oklahoma)

Four dogs were tied to bricks.

“They told us that these four dogs were tied to something heavy, like cinder blocks or a brick, to make them heavier so they could be thrown in there to die,” Wardlow said.

Wardlow said that so far, investigators have not been able to find any new information about the case.

Police are hoping that someone in the area knows something or saw something suspicious and will call Oklahoma Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.

Brian Ragland, who often fishes at the lake said, “It’s pretty sad and disappointing to hear.” He also said that Edwards Park is known for having a “rough crowd.”

“I own five dogs and I cannot image doing that to my dogs. Some people are just heartless it [sic]cruel.”

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