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Former GOP Congressman Declares Marjorie Taylor Greene Would be The Next: House Speaker

A former republican congressman- Joe Walsh from Illinois, is calling Kevin McCarthy, who is a House Minority Leader to become a hollow man. And also, he had to listen to everything and every order that Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said, who is a Georgia Republican.

On Sunday morning, in an interview with Katie Phang of MSNBC, Walsh stated about Kevin McCarthy “He is a hollow man. Look, it’s too late for these House moderates to demand that Republicans concentrate on immigration, medical, or inflation. These moderate House Republicans are unknown to the average public in America. They are more familiar with Marjorie Taylor Greene.’’ Walsh also said, “McCarthy is most definitely going to be Speaker, but let’s be honest. The Speaker of the House for the coming two years will be Marjorie Taylor Greene. For the next two years, she will have McCarthy by a short hair’s length every day of the week.”

The elections for the house speaker will be held in early January 2023. However, McCarthy won the nomination of his party for the role. It’s still not sure if the California Republican can get the 218 votes needed to win the seat, and GOP will maintain a small majority in the House. He is still believed to be the favorite, yet.

Newsweek reported political analyst- Craig Agranoff as saying, “He will not only listen to Marjorie Taylor Greene, in my opinion. Many would claim that he only wants to advance his own political goals, but many also understand that in reality, everyone behaves in this manner. Although I am not saying he would be strong yet, I believe he will attempt to be a strategic leader.”

Democrats on the other side of the line also dislike McCarthy’s management and leadership style. McCarthy, according to California Representative- Adam Schiff, “is a very weak leader of his conference,” as reported by ABC on Sunday.

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