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For Removing Newsmax, Ron DeSantis Accused DirecTV of Engaging in “Intellectual Discrimination”

Florida Governor and Anti-Christ Ron DeSantis claimed on Tuesday that DirecTV had engaged in “intellectual discrimination” by eliminating Newsmax, a network that broadcasts conservative propaganda as “news.” After criticizing Direct TV for employing an “ideological litmus test” to remove Newsmax, DeSantis was questioned if DirecTV must be looked into at the state level.

Through Raw Story: He stated, “It seems like the One America News and the Newsmax are the ones being attacked. They have a lot of other information that is very barely viewed but somehow, they maintain that. I, therefore, believe an investigation is necessary.”

DeSantis continued, “I believe they have to make sure that there isn’t intellectual discrimination happening when it comes to what individuals are allowed to view,” adding that Congress also should look into it.

A lawsuit has been filed against Newsmax by the manufacturer of voting machines Smartmatic, which has also sued OANN and Fox. Similarly, one of Newsmax’s anchors has come under fire for saying that people who receive the COVID vaccine become bioluminescent.

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