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For Breaking New State Law, Florida Educators Might be Charged with Felony


To meet with a new state regulation passed by the governor last year under House Bill 1467, Duval County Public Schools is currently reviewing every item in school libraries. Some educators claimed they were instructed to temporarily pack up their textbooks until they could receive certification.

In an email to educators, a DCPS principal stated, “We are being requested to restrict classroom libraries…unfortunately you will need to restrict student access.” “School principals are answerable for ensuring that school district policies are followed, so if we are found to have violated them, I will be the one facing a felony charge… Although I wish I were making it up, I am not.”

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A Florida Department of Education spokesperson says that the email received by Action News Jax from a teacher is correct by the new state regulations.

Under Florida law, any educator who violates the restriction against obtaining “any book, brochure, magazine or print materials that includes clear, specific and detailed descriptions or narrative records of sexual excitement, or sexual conduct that is harmful to minors” could be charged with a third-degree felony.

“I don’t only have a fear of it. Thousands of instructors throughout the district are afraid of it. Will this cause me any trouble? Chris Guerrieri, a DCPS instructor, asked, “Am I going to get in trouble for this?