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Following Trump’s accusation in New York, Georgia Is Up Next

The accusation of Donald Trump in New York for making bribe-money payouts to a porn star was a major international drama, with the former president tearfully going to his old neighborhood in Manhattan while TV networks carefully followed his motorcade of black SUVs as they arrived at the courthouse.

The original criminal paperwork in the case, however, was much less dramatic when the high drama was removed: Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney, defined this case as the “bread and butter” of his company’s white-collar criminal cases. It involved 34 felony charges of a very basic and widespread accounting charge.

So far, a different criminal inquiry into Trump in Georgia is almost over. This inquiry is being handled by Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis.

Although none is clear, there are many indications that she may make a bold move, bringing charges against not only Trump but maybe a number or even more of his supporters in a more colorful accusation.

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