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Following New House Republican Majority, Smoking has Back to the Capitol

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Members of the US House of Representatives are now once more authorized to smoke inside the buildings because the Republicans are back in power there.

Because smoking is prohibited indoors in Washington, DC, and is widely considered to be harmful to people’s health, the Republican majority has changed the rule. The House and Senate are publicly owned and subject to rules that are mostly set by their respective leadership.

When she became Speaker of the House in 2007, Nancy Pelosi restricted smoking in most areas of the building, although members may still smoke in their offices.

To the disappointment of several reporters stationed close to his office, Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma fully accepted the new regulations earlier this week.

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According to Laura Davison of Bloomberg, the first move to prohibit smoking in Congress occurred over 150 years ago when Speaker James G. Blaine of Maine outlawed it on the House floor and in the gallery when Congress was in session. In its chamber, the Senate prohibited smoking in 1914.

Several government buildings were made smoke-free during Bill Clinton’s administration, but only those that were under the executive branch’s jurisdiction. After 15 rounds of voting, Kevin McCarthy was finally chosen as Speaker of the House and the head of the new, small Republican majority. The majority in the House sets a number of its own rules.