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Focus of Governor Abbott: On Preventing NGOs from Aiding Illegal Border Crossers

Governor Greg Abbott demanded an inquiry into the possible involvement of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in organizing and supporting unauthorized border crossings into Texas today. The Governor of Texas emphasizes the necessity of Texas’ cautious response to President Biden’s border crisis in a letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, noting that the end of Title 42 is just days ahead and that illegal border crossings across the Texas-Mexico border are at a record high.

“According to recent allegations, illegal border crossings in El Paso may have been supported by non-governmental organizations,” according to the letter.

Governor Abbott On NGOs

“However, we know that NGOs may be planning illegal border crossings on both sides of the border, possibly in areas other than El Paso. In light of these allegations, I’m requesting that the Texas Attorney General’s Office launched an inquiry into the part that NGOs played in organizing and supporting the illegal transport of people across our borders. Additionally, I am prepared to collaborate with you on developing any reasonable legislative measures your office may suggest to address the ongoing border problem and the potential contribution that NGOs may make to it.”

The removal of Title 42 is scheduled to result in a major increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States beyond the already recorded all-time high numbers. Throughout the previous Sunday, over 2,600 illegal immigrants illegally entered Texas near El Paso.

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