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Florida Republicans Believe; The Trade of Viktor Bout for Brittney Griner was Mistake

U.S. President- Joe Biden stated on Thursday; Brittney Griner, an Olympian, was scheduled to return home, but Florida Republicans are challenging the agreement, with one calling it “weak and disgusting.”

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida expressed his “gladness” that Griner, who has been detained in Russia since February for possessing a cannabis vape cartridge, was returning to the United States. He also pointed out that a prominent Russian hostage who had been exchanged for Griner in the infamous international arms dealer Viktor Bout transaction would not be coming home.

I’m happy Brittney is returning, but what about the U.S. Paul Whelan, a former Marine? Putin continues to hold him in Russia. It is disgusting and weak of Biden to provide Putin with a hazardous arms dealer, also referred to as the “Merchant of Death.” It’s unacceptable to do this while leaving Paul behind, Scott tweeted early on Thursday morning.

Scott’s Senate colleague expressed his concerns about the dubious trade-off/questionable quid.

A US citizen returning home is always a relief. Paul Whalen, a former Marine, and Marc Fogel, a teacher, are just two of the Americans left behind by the Biden Administration’s handling of this problem. Additionally, Putin and others have observed how holding prominent Americans on very minor charges can both divert American officials’ attention and result in the release of truly awful people who belong to be imprisoned, claimed Marco Rubio in a statement from his Senate office.

US Representative- Mike Waltz made a related point in his tweet on Thursday morning.

Where is America? Paul Whelan, a Marine, who has been wrongfully detained by Russia for a lot longer? celebrities instead of soldiers? ”

Rep. Byron Donalds expressed his “overwhelming concern” about this administration’s “incompetent negotiation skills” while also wondering why other Americans were behind.

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