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Florida Man Receives His Sentenced After Fatally Killing a Man Using a Baseball Bat

Florida Man
Florida man was sentenced for beating a man using a baseball bat. (Photo: Law & Crime)

A Florida man got his sentence for beating another man using a baseball bat leading to the victim’s fatal death more than 20 years ago.

Florida man

Florida man was sentenced for beating a man using a baseball bat. (Photo: Law & Crime)

State Judge Released A Sentenced to the Florida Man

A state judge finally released an order against 55-year-old Randy Petersilge who beat another man using a baseball bat 20 years ago. According to a report in a news outlet, the judge ordered on Wednesday life in prison without the possibility of parole.

New Port Rickey Police Department in a press release said that the fatal death of Simon Clarke happened on Nov. 28, 2001. They responded to a 911 call and when they arrived at a home located in the 4700 block of Sanctuary Drive, they found the dead body of the victim.

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Result of the Autopsy

An autopsy was performed to determine the cause of death of the victim. The examiners said that Clarke’s death was a homicide and there were “multiple blunt force trauma” injuries to the face and chest found in his corpse, according to a report published in Law & Crime.

Meanwhile, police said “Detectives at the time conducted several interviews with potential witnesses and identified a person of interest. The murder weapon was located; however, the processing of the object did not reveal any leads. No arrests were made, and the case went ‘cold’ in 2004.”

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