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Fingerprints, a mug shot, and handcuffs? How are Donald Trump’s alleged criminal offenses being accused?

Many people, which include experienced legal professionals and journalists who might have followed the judicial system for years, are unsure of what to believe when President Trump is accused, which is now generally expected to happen.

According to sources close to the inquiry, an accusation might be announced as soon as late that same day, which encouraged law officers to create barriers outside the Manhattan courthouse where Mr. Trump’s hearing would take place.

There are still many unanswered questions about the specific procedure for indicting a former president, such as the difficulty of actually transporting Mr. Trump to the courtroom. Indeed, some of the choices are still up in the air: One individual interested in the preparations said to Politico on Monday: “We’ll be talking about how we get Trump in: “No choices have been made now.”

Given that Mr. Trump continues to be under the security of the Secret Service and is a declared candidate for the GOP nomination in 2024, many of these queries will likely focus on how much of this procedure will be completed in person. It will be a time-consuming and challenging effort.

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