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Finally, Texas May Legalize Over Three Marijuana Dispensaries

Texas might have more than three authorized marijuana dispensaries shortly.

While not legalized marijuana, Texas does have compassionate use legislation that permits some individuals to purchase and use “medical” marijuana. However, the conditions are somewhat strict.

Texas now only has 3 dispensaries, which offers some huge commercial prospects for anyone who can get the necessary licensing.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has just started a new application procedure after a four-year “ban” on new applications. It’s also challenging. 200-page paperwork, $7,000 in payment advance, and enough money to “maintain the business for 2 years” are all required, according to marijuana attorney Michelle Donovan, who spoke with KVUE.

Since getting these things is extremely difficult, Donovan and many people request the state relax the rules. One of the three dispensaries open at the moment is Texas Original in South Austin. Nico Richardson, their CEO, made the following points:

“According to Richardson, other medical markets selling medical cannabis have a lower chance of opiate-related deaths. In certain markets, the number of opiate prescriptions written has decreased.”

Medicinal marijuana has a ton of advantages, and Texas, the second-largest state of the 50, could support a couple of extra clinics. In comparison to other “medical” marijuana states (Florida and New York), Texas only has 3 dispensaries.

Hopefully, Texas would benefit from additional dispensaries in terms of health and finances. (Becoming completely recreational wouldn’t be harmful to state finances either.) Not to mention the comfort and convenience these would offer “patients.”

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