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Federal Health Officials Announced Flu Epidemics in U.S. And Ventilators will be Assembled if Needed

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Federal Health officers have declared the U.S. can be big Flu Epidemics. The situation of flu in the U.S. is worse and the officials have announced to provide ventilators and troops if needed or in an emergency. To provide ventilators in the case of worldwide pandemics and respiratory diseases like COVID and RSV. The situation of U.S. hospitals is higher and in more demand at this point, since 2010-2011. The U.S. is witnessing the regrowth of diseases and illnesses like RSV, flu, rhinovirus, COVID, and enterovirus.

The Federal officers are monitoring and looking for the hospital capacity around the U.S. and are ready to provide any supplies and additional personnel if needed. This statement is said on the call by Dawn O’Connell- the Assistant Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department.

In order to prepare for the flu epidemic and influenza pandemics, U.S. officials and public health agencies are stocking medical supplies and resources. Finding sufficient locations and quantities to store these resources can be a challenging task for U.S officers. They said they have found a method for stocking mechanical ventilators, which can be dangerous for respiratory disease patients, and to treat hospitalized influenza patients in that situation.

Flu Epidemics Spreading and Infecting more Young and Elder People

On Friday, the Health Officials of Federal said that diseases like flu and respiratory illnesses are spreading in a few areas of the United States. In other areas, higher chances have been seen of diseases like RSV (respiratory syncytial virus infection). But sadly, cases of COVID and flu are spreading in all areas of the country, Federals said.

RSV is a common disease and virus among hundreds of infants (newly born babies) and children of young age. And they have been hospitalized every year. Also, it can be very risky for elderly people too, as their immune systems are weak and likely to catch the virus easily.

Symptoms of Flu

The symptoms of the flu include mild colds like sore throat, sneezing, stuffy nose, fever, and pneumonia, which can lead to fatal.

In the southeast, flu tests have been sent to labs, and out of all, 20% are returning as positive. Many of them are returning as influenza A, which is considered to be a common virus in children and elderly people.