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Fall of Sports Stadium called as “Eighth Wonder of the World,” Abandoned “Astrodome,”

The Houston Astrodome was the first of its type, the first sports stadium in the world to have a dome as well as being a top-notch facility. The famous Astrodome is abandoned, and its future is unclear sixty years after it initially opened.

The Eighth Wonder of the World

After the Houston Colt.45s were added to the league, Major League Baseball was extended to Houston, Texas, in 1960. (Later renamed the Houston Astros). The one drawback to having a baseball team situated in Texas is the high summer heat and humidity, which may reach 97 degrees and risk fan attendance.

As long as Houston kept their pledge to construct a covered stadium to protect players and supporters from the harsh weather, MLB agreed to offer Houston the new club. The Astrodome’s design, according to Ray Hofheinz, the owner of the new Houston baseball team, was influenced by the Roman colosseums he witnessed while traveling in Italy.

A $35 million, or more than $300 million in today’s money, was spent building the stadium. It is 9.5 acres in size (equal to nine and a half football fields) and has 18 floors. There were 66,000 seats available at the stadium.

It was finished in 1964, six months ahead of plan, and the Houston Astros and New York Yankees played their debut baseball game there in front of a packed house. 47,000 people, including President Lyndon B. Johnson, marveled at the futuristic-looking structure that the media nicknamed the “Eighth Wonder of the World” when they were there.

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