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Fake Video Of President Biden Signing 4th Stimulus Check Goes Viral on Facebook

Fake Video Of President Biden Signing 4th Stimulus Check Goes Viral on Facebook

The year 2022 is well underway, and the American economy has been in a much different place since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, unemployment is down – it seems US citizens are going back to work. However, the US economy is experiencing the highest consumer price index for over 40 years since 1982.

Fake Video Of President Biden Signing 4th Stimulus Check Goes Viral on Facebook

A View Of The Situation

Since the pandemic’s beginning, the US government has deployed various pandemic relief programs, and the most famous of these come in the form of stimulus checks. President Joe Biden and his administration administered three different stimulus checks over the last two years of the pandemic. 

As a result, millions of Americans have become reliant on such relief during this period to meet living and medical costs. Unfortunately, however, the chances of a fourth stimulus check have been dramatically reduced as Senator Manchin refused to pass the Build Back Better legislation to provide funding for a fourth stimulus check. That is why the latest video on Facebook with President Joe Biden signing stimulus checks and announcing that they will get such payments shortly (that is in the next few weeks) is both fake and outrageous.

Misinformation At Its Best

According to a report on Penn Live, this video on the social media platform Facebook is another example of misinformation. Scammers and fraudsters have unfortunately capitalized on such misinformation, and scams during this period are. As a result, millions of American citizens are not only desperate for another round of stimulus checks issued by the federal government – but uneducated around the topic as well.

Stay Vigilant, Don’t Be Scammed

Indeed, according to this online report, some 3 million US citizens have signed a petition underlining the importance of another stimulus check and continued direct payments from President Joe Biden and his administration until the end of the pandemic. 

However passionate, such US citizens might feel over the topic, whether a further stimulus check and direct payments or warranted is a topic of hot contention. 

Many proponents believe that stimulus payments are no longer warranted as the US economy seems to have started to recover from many of the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it remains important to be vigilant and remember that the Presidency has not decided to introduce such further COVID-19 relief. 


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