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Eviction Protection: These Americans May be Protected for Another Year as Landlords Find Ways To Evict Tenants


During the pandemic, many people lost a portion of their income. Many folks who didn’t have any funds to fall back on went behind on their rent because they didn’t have any.

There was a government eviction restriction in existence until mid-2021 that prohibited landlords from evicting tenants for non-payment. If a renter broke another regulation, such as not smoking indoors when it is prohibited, the landlord would remove them, although tenants who couldn’t afford to pay had to be permitted to stay.

Eviction bans were extended at the local level in various locations of the country to provide residents with even more assistance. Several protections were recently extended in Los Angeles County, which should make a huge impact for local tenants, according to Motley Fool.

The Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County recently extended eviction protections throughout the county through the end of 2022. Rent increases for some renters were also prohibited by the board.

Local landlords were not pleased with this decision, which was unsurprising. It’s understandable that many people have been struggling to pay their own expenses and mortgages since the outbreak began, so these new restrictions are a blow.

Landlords find ways to evict renters after getting rental aid

Los Angeles County is imposing a hold on rent rises for renters living in rent-controlled homes in unincorporated areas of the county, in addition to extending eviction protections. Until at least 2023, tenants who are affected by this verdict will not see their rent increase. Per Punchng, tenants are struggling to locate secure and affordable housing because of flaws in the $46.5 billion Emergency Rental Assistance program, according to housing groups.

Shanelle King received nearly $15,000 in rental aid a day before she was scheduled to be evicted from her Atlanta home in November. She was able to breathe again. Then, this month, the 43-year-old hairdresser received a notice from her landlord announcing that her lease will be evicted in March, seven months early, for no reason.

Tenants who were authorized for rental assistance but still faced eviction, according to legal aid attorneys questioned around the country, are experiencing a steady increase in incidents. In Florida, a mother of a baby and two other children got rental aid but was ordered evicted when the landlord refused to take the money and told her to leave. In order to force an eviction, another Florida landlord claimed in court claiming she hadn’t received the money.

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