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Evan Corcoran Recuses Himself From Representing Trump In Mar-a-Lago Probe After Testifying For Investigators

Evan Corcoran
Evan Corcoran ( Photo: )

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Evan Corcoran, has resigned from representing Trump in the special counsel investigation related to Mar-a-Lago documents after testifying for investigators.

Evan Corcoran

Evan Corcoran ( Photo: CNN )

Evan Corcoran steps down from representing Trump in Mar-a-Lago investigation after testifying

Corcoran’s exit was expected after special counsel Jack Smith’s office forced him to testify before a grand jury without the shield of attorney-client privilege. Although Corcoran had already recused himself from the Mar-a-Lago probe, he continues to represent Trump on other matters, including January 6, 2021, investigation.

It is unclear how valuable the evidence and testimony Corcoran provided to the grand jury will be for prosecutors. Corcoran testified twice and turned over documents. His defense attorney has declined to comment, and Trump’s campaign spokesman dismissed the claims as disinformation.

Prosecutors wanted to ask Corcoran about his direct interactions with Trump regarding a May 2022 subpoena for all classified records in the former president’s possession, the subsequent search for classified records, and conversations they had when the Trump Organization received a separate subpoena for surveillance video of the club.

Corcoran drafted a statement claiming Trump’s team had done a diligent search for boxes and were handing over classified records they found in response to the May subpoena

However, the FBI found hundreds more pages with classified markings in its search of Mar-a-Lago, a pivotal development in the records mishandling and obstruction of justice probe.

The grand jury’s activity, including Corcoran’s forced testimony, has made it clear that prosecutors are gathering evidence from many sources that could be used in a case against Trump. However, the former president has not been charged with any federal crime.

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