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Enraged Man Hires Hitman To Kill Wife, Lover Boy

This photograph shows a gun sight of a sniper of the Intervention Brigade (BI) during a training session in Andilly, outskirts of Paris, on April 29, 2021. (Photo by Martin BUREAU / AFP) (Photo by MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images)

Authorities arrested an angry Boston, Massachusetts man after trying to hire a hitman to kill his wife and lover boy.

The 46-year-old guy was so enraged by his divorced wife’s decision to live with her lover that he had them permanently mended. 

He was already driven to extremes by his wife leaving him for her lover.

Hitman Supposed to End Life Of Man’s Wife, Lover Boy

Information obtained by True Crime Daily said a hitman reported to the police when the man known as Mohammed Chowdhury allegedly asked him to help him kill his wife and the lover.

District of Massachusetts’ US Attorney’s Office mentioned that the man previously hired this killer. However, their deal did not push through since the man allegedly did not pay him.

According to the source, Chowdhury advised killing the targets as quickly as possible since money is guaranteed. If not enough, he would steal to obtain the necessary funds.

Other statements from the attorney’s office revealed that federal law enforcement set things up after authorities obtained the suspect’s contact information. Boston 25 News (via Yahoo! News) added that an undercover agent who played the hitman finished the sting.

According to the Attorney’s Office, the suspect witnessed the agents claiming to be a contract hitman and an associate in a scheme to have his estranged wife and her lover killed for what they did between December 2022 and January 2023. 

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She also said she prevented him from seeing their children and that the target would be assaulted and robbed to keep him from being identified as a suspect. How they conceal the murder while also making the bodies vanish is a further concern.

The man’s spouse was the target of a hit that cost $4,000 for each target, but a $500 down payment was arranged, according to details. 

Next, Chowdhury provided details on his ex-wife and her partner, including information about their residences and places of employment. 

The attorney’s office noted that the Boston man met with undercover officers to receive his initial deposit on Tuesday, January 17. The undercover federal agents detained him during the same encounter. 

Charges Filed Against Suspect

A court date for Chowdhury was set for January 20 after authorities accused him of murder-for-hire. According to statements made by the lawyer’s office, the suspect faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail, followed by three years of supervised release, and a $250,000 fine if found guilty.

Officials issued an abuse prevention order in October 2019 to stop mistreating the divorced wife, prohibit communication, and primarily restrict Chowdhury from approaching her physically. 

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