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Texas News

Elderly Black Woman Attacked by Texas Store Employees Over $50 Bill in a Crash Course in White Privilege

In today’s episode of White Privilege Gone Wild, white store employees in Austin County, Texas, can be seen beating a 65-year-old Black woman who attempted to leave the store with a $50 bill after finding it on the floor. All employees were also fired, but only one woman—a Black relative who allegedly helped the elderly woman—was imprisoned due to the event.

The victim, Betty Smith, told Fox 26 Houston that she informed the cashier, “Look here, my lucky day!” in connection to the money, she discovered on January 15 at Lindemann Grocery in the city of Industry. “Oh no, you can’t go with that—that could be my friend’s money, the cashier adds.

Firstly, how could the store employee identify somebody who “may” have misplaced money there? It isn’t like we’re speaking regarding a suitcase full of cash or somebody’s money in an envelope, even if the clerk’s buddy had lost the money. There are only one remaining 50 spots available. That is a “finders keepers” scenario. Whatever the case, nothing affords a store clerk the authority to arrest a woman who made it rich by finding money on the floor.

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