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Egg Crisis: How It Affects Millions Of Californians?

Prices in California are being affected by an egg crisis. But after the holidays, there may be some relief. The cost of an egg at a wholesale store is $7.

According to an article published by AS on January 18, 2023, the deadly avian flu outbreak is not the only reason for the bare shelves in California supermarkets. Prices have increased and supply has decreased as a result of inflation, supply chain issues from the past, holiday demand, and longer lead times to restart egg-laying flocks.

When they are processed and sold, layer chickens take longer to mature and start laying eggs again than younger broilers. According to California Poultry Federation President Bill Mattos, “there are still more farms trying to catch up with the volumes of eggs they want to generate.”

According to the USDA’s weekly Egg Market Overview report from January 13, the average wholesale egg price in California was over $7.

Mattos claims that some retailers refused to sell eggs at the necessary price. It’s odd that the supermarket doesn’t want eggs. However, they would rather not sell eggs than to terrify customers.

According to Nate Rose, a spokesman for the California Grocers Association, grocery stores are no longer able to pass on the rising cost of stocking eggs.

Good news may soon be coming to shoppers. Prices for baked goods could go down after the holidays. Egg sales reach their peak in December because of holiday baking. As people get ready for their families, they also eat breakfast at home more frequently. Rose, however, noted that January and February typically see a decline in demand.

California’s cage-free regulations increased costs as of January 1, 2022. AB1437 or Horse Racing Law mandated cage-free barns for all state-sold eggs. As a result, Californian grocers had fewer egg dealers, which raised prices.

Egg farmers were significantly impacted by the culling of 13 counties’ flocks, which is why we are seeing high prices and comparisons to other states.