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Due to the Delayed Rollout, New York Pot Growers are Sitting on Tons of Legal Cannabis

Nine recreational cannabis dispensaries are expected to open in Connecticut in January 2023, and there are already many running successfully in New Jersey.

A cannabis conundrum is being created by the slower rollout in New York, where no timetable has been set yet. The initial license holders in the area risked everything for legal marijuana. However, they currently have cannabis ready to sell worth $500 million but no buyers.

Pioneers in the marijuana industry in the state had high hopes for their first harvest.

Ryan McGrath of Hudson River Farms stated, “We’re like when prohibition started — like creating a Budweiser or beer factory or something similar.

For the more than 200 licensed cannabis farmers in New York, including McGrath’s farm in Dutchess County, the first excitement about the emerging industry has recently given way to anxiety.

Because we simply don’t know, Colin Brogan, another employee of the farm, described the situation as “terrifying.”

Nearly 2,000 pounds of cannabis have been trapped in a safe storage space for several weeks – at just this one farm. There is, however, unable to sell it.

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