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Donald Trump is insulted by Jimmy Kimmel after being charged with a crime: “Wait Till He Identifies He Had The Privilege To Remain Quiet”

The anchor of Jimmy Kimmel Live, welcomed Donald Trump’s prosecution on Thursday, March 30, by taking him to task in the initial speech of his late-night program. Regarding the claimed bribe money he allegedly gave to Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election, Trump is about to be arrested.

Regarding the 1st president to be charged with a crime, Kimmel joked to his live crowd that the “J” in “Donald J. Trump” also refers to “Jail.” “His Miranda Rights will be given to him. Just wait till he realizes that he was beyond his rights to remain silent the entire time.”

The comedian attacked Trump by saying, “It’s entertaining, and it’s historical.” It’s hilarious in every way. Among all the actions he’s taken, the post-golf putter butter with the Sexbots: Designated for Pleasure celebrity was the one that got under Trump’s skin.”

Within hours when the information arrived, additional late-night shows followed suit, but the 45th commander-in-chief responded to the charge on his Truth Social account.

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