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Donald Trump Admits; He Made a Mistake on January 6

The fact that Donald Trump believes nothing moves on is among the most crucial things to know about him. He is a salesperson by nature, ready to seal the deal. He can inform you what he believes would fulfill the task, and if he mentions something illogical or incorrect, he will continue talking to move you in the direction he prefers.

I remember a particular incident during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump, the GOP nominee, was questioned by a reporter from a network other than Fox News. With the use of favorable terms that could be applied to either candidate, the reporter framed a question that was designed to highlight the parallels between Trump and his Democratic competitor, Hillary Clinton. 2 things happened following one or two of the descriptors: Home viewers recognized the direction it was going, although Trump did not.

When asked who the phrases were about, he responded, “Trump.” The interviewer clarified that the statements were meant to apply to Clinton, who may be surprised that the simple trap managed to catch Trump.

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