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Dollar General Faces Lawsuit After Charging Clients 88% More Than Price Tags: How To Avoid Overcharging?

Discount chain Dollar General, one of the most well-known places to find affordable household essentials, is accused of overcharging customers in a lawsuit.

Attorney General of Ohio Dave Yost is requesting a restraining order against the Goodlettsville, Tennessee-based business, citing pricing mistakes at Dollar General. 

Yost said in a lawsuit submitted to the Butler County Court of Common Pleas that Dollar General advertises its products at one price while upcharging customers at the time of sale. 

Dollar General ‘Overcharges’ customers by up to 88.2% 

The AG’s office claims that the Buckeye State’s Department of Agriculture regulations “enable retailers to have up to a 2% mistake rate on overcharges.”

However, a statement by the attorney general mentioned that Dollar General’s price difference at 20 shop locations ranged from 16.7 percent to 88.2 percent.

“There’s a mountain of evidence showing that Dollar General simply doesn’t care to fix the issue – and that’s despite numerous consumer complaints, failed auditor inspections, and our lawsuit,” Yost said.

Yost mentioned the business expecting no one would notice as it made an additional dollar.

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How to Avoid Overpricing

Due to the pricing variations, several Dollar General stores in Ohio have been forced to place stickers on the registers informing customers to double-check the price of their purchases before paying. 

As a result of inflation, more Americans are buying their groceries from dollar stores. 

The Sun, citing several data, said that DG and Dollar Tree are two of the top five places where consumers shop for food.

They purportedly outperform Kroger and other rival businesses on a weekly basis. 

Over the past three years, consumer visits have significantly grown as a result of the store’s expanded grocery offerings.

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