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DOJ may have ‘strong evidence’ of potential Trump interruption in the documents case

Former Attorney General Bill Barr, once among Donald Trump’s strongest supporters, said that the inquiry into classified documents might be an actual danger to the former president, but besides criticizing a prosecutor’s accusation of Trump in a different inquiry last week.

Barr stated that Trump engaged in “games” with federal authorities while they were attempting to recover the documents from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. These games, according to Barr on ABC’s “This Week,” may extent to interruption of justice.

“That strikes me as a serious possible situation. I believe they have a lot of strong evidence there” Barr stated.

Potential Trump Interference in the Mar-a-Lago records case

Trump is presently confronting a special counsel investigation into his managing of confidential documents stored at his Mar-a-Lago estate, which Barr stated Trump “seemed to have no claim to.”

“He seemed to have no claim to such documents, particularly the top-secret ones.” “The government-owned it,” Barr stated. “I believe he was messing with the government.”

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