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Do You Experience Delays in Receiving Your Tax Refund? Here Are Some Ways to Process It Faster

It is anticipated that close to 170 million people will submit their individual tax returns to the IRS this year, with this week marking the beginning of tax season.

According to an article published by The US Sun on January 28, 2023, there are many different causes for tax return delays. Jeff Rossen, Chief National Consumer Correspondent, reveals what you can do to expedite your tax return well in advance of the April 18 deadline.

First of all, wait until you have all of your W-2s and 1099s before filing your tax return. The former details the prior-year earnings of an employee as well as the amount of taxes that their employer has deducted.

The IRS receives a report from the company about non-employment income. Avoid attempting to manually tally everything since the forms verify your precise earnings. Employers have until January 31 to send both forms. Additionally, Rossen advises filing your taxes electronically rather than by mail.

The process will be delayed if you wait for the IRS to receive your hard copy rather than sending it electronically. A long wait for your tax return can be avoided by making sure you have taken advantage of all available credits and deductions.

Every year, those things change. So even if you weren’t eligible for a credit the previous year, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are this year.

Rossen emphasizes the significance of triple-checking personal information prior to filing. Inaccurate information provided is a major factor in time-consuming delays. The slightest detail, whether it be a misspelled surname, an incorrect tax ID number, or an incomplete account number, will cause a delay that is entirely avoidable.

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