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Want Extra $1,400 Yearly Income? You Must Try Dividend Investing


Dividend investing is a way of investing in equities that pay dividends to receive a steady stream of income from your investments. As your portfolio’s stocks or other holdings rise in value, you’ll be able to add to your income stream. These are payments made to shareholders by a company.

Dividend payment eligibility

Some corporations, however, do not pay a dividend. Usually, based on various financial and economic variables, the board of directors decides whether or not a dividend is appropriate for their company. On a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, dividends are often distributed to shareholders in the form of cash distributions.

According to Investopedia, before receiving a dividend payout, or distribution, a stock’s shareholders must meet specific criteria. For example, to be eligible for the dividend payment, you must be a “shareholder of record” on or after the board of directors set a particular date.

Suggested stocks to invest

According to The Motley Fool, dividend investing isn’t for everyone, but it’s a terrific method to build a steady source of income that can help you accumulate wealth over time. Having some good dividend-paying companies will also help you get through some of the market turbulence we’ve been witnessing over the last several months. If you invest $25,000, here are two stocks that could pay you at least $1,000 every year.

New York Community Bancorp

With approximately $60 billion, this is a prominent regional bank. The bank is expected to grow significantly as it plans to buy Flagstar Bancorp, a bank based in Michigan, for around $87 billion in assets. For a long time, investors have been dissatisfied with New York Community Bancorp, with the stock falling by more than 23% in the last five years.

New York Community Bancorp had previously focused on using higher-cost funding sources and fixed-rate loans in the multi-family area. As a result, the company’s business model is now shifting to a more diverse loan portfolio and lower-cost, longer-term deposits.

With a current dividend yield of 5.93 percent, a $25,000 investment would generate around $1,482 in annual income from New York Community Bancorp. As the bank continues to reform its approach and hopefully bring the stock price up, that’s a high passive income to sit around and collect.

Northwest Bancshares

A small asset bank with a market capitalization of $1.06 billion is situated in Pennsylvania that has a lot to offer. Northwest made $11.4 million in profit for the nine months ended September 31, 2021. It equates to a return on average shareholder capital of 13% and a return on average assets of little under 1.5 percent. For such a small 

If an individual invests $25,000, they may expect to make $1,425 each year with a dividend return of about 5.7 percent. It is an excellent deal, especially if the bank continues to make similar profits, which I believe will increase the stock’s value over time.

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