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Distribution of P-EBT Occurs from 10 December 2022

To prepare for the distribution of P-EBT benefits to several school children who were enrolled during the school year 2021–2022, the Public School System Child Nutrition Program and the Department of Community & Cultural Affairs–Nutrition Assistance Program have been diligently working to validate school-submitted information. In both private and public institutions, 10,895 kids have been verified for P-EBT benefits.

P-EBT is a government program, that offers food stamp payments to school-age children who were unable to access school meals because their school was shut down or operated with fewer staff members for at least 5 days in a row due to Covid in a school year.

Food stamp payments of $8.28 per day will be given to each qualified child instead of reimbursement for school meals.

Children in child care who are enrolled in the NAP must be less than 6 years old. Children in child care whose information and data are currently being processed will not be counted in Phase I’s initial round. Benefits under the P-EBT program for children in daycare will be expected to be given out in January 2023.

the P-EBT for 2021-2022 SY is divided into two phases, Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 consists of school-wide closures and offline (in-person) attendance. Covid-19 cases during the previous school year were intermittent, possibly affecting one school but not others, thus a state-wide shutdown was not necessary. The number of shutdown days and in-person attendance will differ between public and private schools in this case. For Phase 1, parents/guardians are not required to submit a P-EBT application on behalf of their children.

Phase 2 will be based on individual or per-student cases. A kid may have been obliged to isolate during the previous school year at home or in an approved quarantine facility, which only affected that particular student and did not affect the entire classroom or institute. There isn’t a statewide procedure for designating absences as Covid-19-related absences. Schools noted absences whether they were excused or not, but not all schools noted the absences as being caused by illness. Given these circumstances, it is not viable to include these unique COVID-related absences in Phase 1 for P-EBT purposes.

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