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Direct SSI Payment Worth Nearly $900 Is Coming in Three Days, Per Social Security

Within 3 days, on March 31, the next cheque for Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries should receive. The monthly payout for March has been transferred on the first day of the month (as is the custom for SSI payments), but since April 1 falls on a Saturday this year, there will be two installments.

The SSA makes its transfer the business day before the beginning of the month if that date falls on a weekend or a national holiday. Due to this, dual payouts are also planned for June, September, and December in 2023; yet this indicates that no payouts are planned in April, July, October, or the coming January.

According to earlier information from GOBankingRates, the minimum deposit for single filers, couples, and important people (those who live with SSI recipients as well as offer proper assistance) may be up to $914, $1,371, and $458, respectively. The latest payments in 2023 are based on the 8.7% COLA which was applied to all Social Security benefits.

Additional Protection for people or couples that are low-wage and have illnesses, money is provided in addition to standard Social Security as part of a requirements-based program. Age 65 or above, total or partial blindness or a medical condition that makes employment impossible are all requirements for eligibility.

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