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Direct Payments, Various Programs for Senior Citizens Amid Soaring Inflate Rate, Here’s What You Should Know

Senior Citizens
Payments and programs available for senior citizens. (Photo: Devline)

Many Senior citizens across the country struggle to combat the soaring inflation rate, but there are direct payments and various programs intended for them.

Senior Citizens

Payments and programs available for senior citizens. (Photo: Devline)

Payments and Programs for Senior Citizens

Millions of Senior citizens across the country continue to struggle to meet their daily needs. In this time of soaring inflation rate, it is important that Senior citizens should know the different payments and programs available to support and help them.

According to new data, around 14 million adults age 60 or older are qualified for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits but many of them did not know about this. Another program is the Medicare Savings Program which pays for Medicare premiums and cost-sharing.

It was also found that around 30 to 45 percent of senior citizens may be missing out on help from Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy program. This covers plan premiums and cost-sharing and helps lower the price of prescription drugs.

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Other Programs that Seniors Should Know

Josh Hodges, chief customer officer at the National Council on Aging, said, “Tens of billions of dollars of benefits are going unused every year because seniors don’t know about them, find applications too difficult to complete, or feel conflicted about asking for help.”

In a published article in Health News Florida, there are programs funded by the Older Americans Act such as home-delivered meals and legal assistance for seniors facing home foreclosures or eviction, which don’t require a means test, although people with low incomes are often prioritized. And some local programs, such as property tax breaks for homeowners.

Hodges also said, “You’ve earned these benefits like their Medicare, like their Social Security,” There are many payments and programs for seniors but they are just reluctant to apply especially if they have not done it yet before.

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