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DI4RIES: Plot, Release Date, Cast And Much More

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A new teaser for an Italian teen coming-of-age romance drama series on Netflix has been released. The series can also depict the lives of preteens who are just beginning to experience adolescent emotions. The series’ plot is built on first kisses, fights with friends, and rivalry disputes. Every day is a surprise in the Galileo Galilei Middle School hallways.

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Pietro and his pals, who attend the Galileo School in Marina Piccola, are the novel’s main characters. Several teens who want to enjoy themselves and live fuller lives are introduced in the new trailer. Teenagers are going through their first kisses and first crushes in addition to academics and athletics. The school is abruptly closing down because something has gone wrong. All the teenagers have banded together to put an end to this horror because it will have an impact on their future.

Release Date

Netflix’s new romantic drama series will hit on 26th July 2022.


The new trailer transports us back to the time of the school years and opens with 13-year-old Pietro. He attends Marina Piccola’s Galilei School. He divulges his courses, classmates, and instructors.

Because this is the age of increased testosterone and warm blood, there is a girl who is bored of everything being done right and wants to do something wrong. Danielle is pretty perfect, and a kid named Livia is referred to as Little Miss Perfect. Teenagers consider expanding their horizons.

As things do at this age, there will be first kisses, first loves, and crushes. There is one arrival team competing at each school. The sorrow of never receiving what they want is something that some of the kids who are experiencing love are also feeling.

The twist follows the principal’s shocking announcement that the school would be closed. Everyone is saying farewell as all of their friends and dearest friends gather. Teenagers have now accumulated to oppose it and attempt to raise money. We must now wait and see if the teenagers will succeed in finishing their objective.


Andrea Arru, Flavia Leone, Biago Venditti, Sofia Nicolini, Lian Nicolsi, Federica Franzeluta, Francesca La Cava, Pietro Sparvoli, and Diorenza Tessari are among the actors who appear in the romance diaries. Aneglo Pastore, Simona Ercolani, and Mariano Di Nardo are the authors of this brand-new teen romance series.