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Details about Seal Team Horror has a face

Details about Seal Team Horror has a face

A combat drama called SEAL TEAM covers the personal and work lives of the most elite group of Navy SEALs as they prepare for, organize, and carry out the riskiest, most important missions our nation can ask of them. The Tier One team’s acclaimed and intense captain, Jason Hayes, has noticed a decline in his personal life due to his extended warrior lifestyle. In addition to Clay Spenser, a young, multilingual, second-generation SEAL with unquenchable drive and devotion. Jason’s team also consists of Ray Perry, the lengthiest operator and the controller with whom Jason happens to share a deeply embedded shorthand. Sonny Quinn, an exceptional, devoted soldier with a troubled past who still battles self-destructive inclinations; and Sonny Quinn. 

CIA analyst Mandy Ellis, who has given all in her quest to root out evil and defeat terrorists, Ensign Lisa Davis, one no official who takes control, and unit commander Lt. Cdr. Eric Blackburn are essential to the team’s success. This close-knit SEAL squad shows undying patriotism and unflinching determination even in the face of enormous obstacles, despite being deployed on covert missions around the world at a moment’s notice and conscious of the toll it takes on them and their families.

Seal Team: Horror has a face Plot

Seal Team Horror has a face Plot

I imagine a large portion of the audience will finally join the Bravo Team in shouting. This episode’s main focus was action. Fortunately, I found it to be rather fulfilling; it almost felt like we had endured as much hardship as the Bravo Team to get here. Lisa has officially been named the mission’s most valuable player. They would have lost Ray for good if it weren’t for her capacity to recognize things that didn’t make sense overall. I was just not sure in the last episode that the data they received from the cigar shop man was related to a port rather than a city. This proved to be vital since it allowed her to focus on the ship that was carrying Ray. Eventually, Bravo Team managed to create a concrete plan.

What’s happening in Seal Team Season 4 Episode 6: Horror has a face

What's happening in Seal Team Season 4 Episode 6 Horror has a face

The Bravo team is frantically trying to save their brother before it’s too late as Ensign Davis follows Ray’s whereabouts to a shipping container in the Mediterranean Sea. Ray wasn’t back yet. He was taken hostage when the crew was on a mission in Tunisia, but they were too late to save him. Getting to him on a ship was their best remaining option for discovering their missing sibling. On a carrier ship, Ray was. The moment the boat stopped while he was being moved to another site, he realized that he would be put to death. Ray wished not to pass away. He struggled with his captors to retrieve a cell phone, but he was disappointed to find that it had no bars. What he did have, though, was Davis on his side. Maybe she hadn’t seen him in a while. She might not have verified his sighting.

What happened with Ray in Seal Team Season 4 Episode 6 

What happened with Ray in Seal Team Season 4 Episode 6 

They were inflicting torment on Ray. The terrorists realized he must have been trained when he managed to escape his restraints while in the trunk. They thought the Americans had taught him. Ray was doing his best to hold out when his pals came, and they had determined to torture him until he spoke. They also arrived on time. When they arrived at Ray, who had fallen asleep, they had to wake him up. There was no time for conversation because they were being shot at. They had to act quickly and not squander time pursuing leadership; Ray attempted to convince them that he had spoken to a superior. This person chose to torture him. Therefore that may have been their motivation.

Seal Team Horror has a face Season 4 Episode 6 Cast

Seal Team Horror has a face Season 4 Episode 6 Cast


  • David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes
  • Max Thieriot as Clay Spenser
  • Neil Brown Jr. as Ray Perry
  • AJ Buckley as Sonny Quinn
  • Toni Trucks as Lisa Davis
  • Judd Lormand as Eric Blackburn


  • Justin Melnick as Brock Reynolds
  • Tyler Grey as Trent Sawyer
  • Scott Foxx as Full Metal
  • Tim Chiou as Michael Chen
  • Parisa Fakhri as Naima Perry
  • Kaliayh Rhambo as Jameelah Perry


  • Philip Shahbaz as Yassine “Raqqa Jacques” Kassen
  • Artoun Nazareth as Teenage Soldier
  • Mo Anouti as Ray’s Guard
  • Jamal Antar as AKM Soldier

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