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Democratic Death Predictions from Donald Trump: “You Will See Many Dead”

On media platforms, a videotape of a pro-Trump “prophet” predicting that Democrats would suffer and be arrested has started to gain popularity.

In a clip she posted the previous week, pastor Julie Green, a former member of the highly suitable Christian nationalist ReAwaken America Tour, made the statement.

On February 2, 2023, Green, who believes that her predictions are direct messages from God, created the video.

After being uploaded by commentator Ron Filipkowski, the footage has since started to make attention on Twitter. Over 70,000 people have watched the video since it was posted early on Friday.

In the video’s caption, he “Trump supporter “prophet” Many Democrats are about to be arrested, according to Julie (Gren).”

During the video, she said: “Numerous leaders are set to leave their positions.

“Many of them will pass away, and you’ll watch them stand down, quit, and walk away from their positions.

“The Earth has never experienced such great judging days as these.

“You will see me, judge. I made sure to ruin their Gods in front of their faces.

“Judgments are going to be thrown out now such as never before. You will witness things in front of your eyes that you never expected to see.

“You’ll see a lot of people being dragged from places in government buildings. You’ll observe them being taken away while being handcuffed.

I’ll ensure sure the world observes their death, so you’ll watch them being carried out.”

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